EPD PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board

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EPD PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board is an extension board to the Microchip® Explorer 16 Development Board. EPD PICtail Plus Daughter Board is designed to kick-start EPD development with Microchip Graphic Library and PIC Microcontrollers including PIC24, dsPIC33 and PIC32 families.

There is on board 40 pins FPC connector connects to our E Ink based EPD panels. The driving circuit supports driving 1.44 inch, 2 inch and 2.7 inch EPD panels via SPI interface. All three sizes of EPD ship with the EPD PICtail Plus Daughter Board. The sample Microchip MPLAB® X IDE project provides source driving waveform including global update and partial update with command interface to update content on EPD panel for developer to start working with EPD application easily.

Visit this EPD PICtail Plus daughter board on Microchip official website

An introduction in MICRO Solutions (A Microchip Technology Inc. Publication) May/June 2014 edition at page #9.


  • Supports driving 1.44″, 2″ and 2.7″ EPD Panels including V231 FPL (Front Plane Laminate)
  • Direct drive EPD by Microchip PIC24 microcontroller without extra graphic or timing controller
  • On board 256K bits serial RAM and temperature sensor
  • On board LDO voltage regulator to 3V for EPD operation
  • PICtail Plus Interface for connecting to Explorer 16 Development Board
  • Open documentation and driving waveform for EPD panel
  • Provides Microchip MPLAB® X project source code with Microchip Graphic Library
  • Provides global update and partial update driving technology on EPD panels